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A consultancy management company

About us

A2Z-CM N.V. is a vendor-neutral, fully compliant company based in the Netherlands and United Kingdom providing clients services according to the principle of “Think Global, Act Local”. We assist and provide clients by analysing their organisational IT issues and implementing realistic and cost-effective development plans by offering the clients a combination of IT and technical experience and a thorough knowledge of local laws and fiscal regulations.

A2Z-CM is also an “Erkend Referent‟ (approved sponsor) with the Dutch Immigration Service which allows us to apply for the High Skilled Work Permits (known in NL as the TEV application) and employ them within A2Z-CM. (similar services will be out rolled in 2020 in the UK)

The A2Z-CM Model Assignment Agreement (Model Overeenkomst van Opdracht) for the hiring of Freelancers has been approved by the Dutch Tax Office under number: 90620164148210 (approved on 5th October 2017). Use of this Agreement combined with compliant working according to it’s terms ensures both parties are compliant according to the DBA Law (Wet DBA).

Our vision

First class service and support

With high levels of professional skills and knowledge, combined with high responsiveness, we are at your back and call to provide timely, accurate and valuable feedback.

Strict security and privacy

Being wholly Dutch based, you have peace of mind that all internal staff meet our employment criteria before serving our clients. Additionally, all IT infrastructure is based only in the Netherlands with full disaster recovery and backups to ensure your data is safe and private.

Latest technology

By utilizing the most suitable and efficient technology, we aim to reduce time spent on tasks while increasing functionality and reporting.

Continual development

A2Z-CM strives to build on current offerings. We seek the best staff, technology and other industry resources to ensure a first class product for now and into the future. These value adds mean that your business has access to the latest industry tools and services to keep you ahead of the competition.

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